27 January 2008

Fiendishly grim

A combination of the Christmas 1982 Top Of The Pops being re-aired on BBC Four, and Mondo's letter from Dave Vanian inspires me to tell you this little gem of a tale...

A guy who frequents my 80s night and is heavily into his 80s indie, new wave and goth stuff, went to a Damned concert in Manchester recently. During the gig, the crowd decided, for reasons not explained, to start singing "Sensible's a w*nker, Sensible's a w*nker" at the erstwhile scarlet-bereted axeman.

Burns, to use his real surname, responded by walking over to a keyboard at one side of the stage, adjusting the microphone so it reached his mouth and shouting "Shut the f*ck up, or it's Happy Talk."

Immediate silence.


Sky Clearbrook said...

It could have been worse... they might have threatened to play New Rose!

Haha - only kidding, Damned fans.

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks for the link Matthew. This Sensible motif is usually sung to the tune of 'let's all the do conga' or a variation using the (ex )drummers name "scabies is....". The Damned are still a fantastic live band and even better now the constant audience spitting has stopped. If you were ever lucky enough to make it to down the front you'd come out pebble dashed in 'greenies'all down the back.Nice.

we dont like tiffany said...

ha ha ha! nice one matthew! nice to know you listen to what we say occasionally! now you shut up and play happy talk!!!