20 March 2008

Say cheese

For all of us who watch Coronation Street, and have enjoyed following the development of the character of Becky from thieving chain smoker to rough-but-decent cafe girl, don't you find it disconcerting to see ITV still running her Leerdammer ads?

I wonder if she's ever been on within the commercial breaks of Corrie?

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JM said...

That is explicitly not allowed in the regulations:

"(a) In order to maintain a distinction between programmes and advertisements that is clear to the viewer, and to minimise any risk of confusion between the two, advertisements featuring a well known personality or performer, or a person who takes a leading role in or whose appearance is central to a programme, must not be scheduled in breaks in or adjacent to that programme. For these purposes cartoon and puppet characters are classed as ‘persons’. Notes (i) to (v) below set out permissible exceptions to this rule."

Major league bollockings ensue if this rule is breached.