20 March 2008

*Waggles bat at crowd and removes helmet*

I've just realised that my previous post was my 100th since this blog was conceived.

Crikey, hope it's been worth it.

I never thought for a moment I'd get this far. The bloggers who inspired me - The Urban Woo, the quite brilliant Bright Ambassador - have far more interesting and eloquent and funny stuff to say than me, so I feel honoured this blog has kept going in their shadow.

I'm off to celebrate by taking two more influential bloggers, Five-Centres and Valentine Suicide, to an anti-agoraphobia seminar.

Thanks for making me feel like it's been worthwhile. I'll go for the double century now.


Steve said...

Happy century! First day of Spring too - very auspicious...!

Five-Centres said...

Happy Birthday. But you won't get me out.

Bright Ambassador said...

Just doin' ma job, sir.

Happy first century post, or summat.

Clair said...

Oh shucks. I swoon in admiration, sir, at your first century xx