9 April 2008

Bobby Davro's in it, forgawdsakes

I've known for years now that EastEnders is utter garbage, and has been since they did unnecessary things to the sexual chemistry between Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace. But the Natural Blonde still insists on watching it.

Fortunately for me, I'm on the radio whenever it's on. However, I accidentally caught last night's episode as I was dozing on the settee with two cats sitting on me when the NB, who'd been to the theatre, flicked on the Sky+ late at night to watch it.

I kept my eyes closed and my brain in snooze mode as much as I could. However, even my semi-conscious state could suss out that a) Steve McFadden should have gone on to better stuff years ago; and b) Patsy Palmer is really quite brilliant and could prove something of a saviour. I even liked that Jackson Five trailer she and her kids did.

It seems to be the only way to save EastEnders, as they seem incapable of developing new characters. The last decent newbies were the Slaters, and most of them soon buggered off. Ian, Pat, Peggy, Phil and Dot are acting as salvagers, so bringing back old standards like Bianca (and Ricky) seems to be as good a plan as they could have had.


Steve said...

I must admit I've managed to get through life (so far) without ever watching a single episodr of Eastenders. The most I've last is 10 minutes after which I had to turn it over. Way too depressing. Plus when I was a child my parents watched dozens of soaps regularly - Corrie, Crossroads, Neighbours, Hone & Away - and would record them all whenever we were away on holiday and then try and play catch up when we arrived home. It left me scarred.

Planet Mondo said...

I gave up on 'stenders (as it's known in our house) years ago. It was great in the eighties until becoming grey, grim and glum in the nineties and has slowly turned into shouty ol' shite ever since. I've given it the swerve, and feel much better for it.

Brookside was the only one ever I had a real buzz for.

Lee said...

One of the best things that my wife does is buys the 'Inside Soap' magazine when it comes out on a Tuesday. She then reads it to find out all the storylines that will happen next week. This of course means that we don't have to sit and watch all the soaps which pleases me immensely!

Instead we have a healthy addiction for box sets