21 May 2008

Pointless, pointless, pointless

The Natural Blonde works for a well-known company which involves itself in finance and property.

As is such companies' wont, they tend to send their staff on largely meaningless courses and seminars every so often, which cause minimum benefit and maximum inconvenience to the workforce but are punishable by the sack or stoning or suchlike if they eschew them.

So, the NB today set off on a 140 mile journey on such a course, grumbling about how she should be working rather than wasting her time.

She got there.

The course consisted of one brief survey on a piece of paper.

Half an hour, all told.

Then she, and the others, left again.

They came from all over the UK for this. In many cases, a lot more than the NB's 140 miles.

What a dreadful waste of everyone's time, fuel and brain cells.

An official complaint has already been lodged via the NB's laptop. She won't be alone in doing this.

If her figures for the month are down, she has a valid reason for it. Whether the company would accept this reason while calculating her wages is another matter.

I despair.

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