28 June 2008

Glad to be...

I've just been to Asda for the 'big shop' with the Natural Blonde. As you may know, I hate it. But we got through it largely unscathed on this occasion.

At the fruit 'n' veg counter, something rather disturbing happened. Two men were happily walking with a trolley. Their lovey-dovey smiles and collective debate about what items to buy made it quite clear they were a co-habiting gay couple doing their own 'big shop'. One then slipped his arm into the other's, confirming my thoughts.

Behind them was a father and son. Dad in early 40s, shaven head, tattoos, shirt of local rugby team only just shrouding his unpardonably huge gut. Son was ten or eleven.

Dad spent the period of time we were in the greengrocery section sniggering, nudging his son and pointing at these two men. "Look son, a couple of queers. Look, they're arm in arm, choosing stuff together. Look son, isn't it funny? Well, isn't it? Eh?"

I've always known such attitudes still exist, but that doesn't make them any less appalling when you are confronted with them. I don't think the gay couple overheard, and I suspect, sadly, they've dealt with a hell of a lot worse. But I do despair for mankind sometimes. And how will that impressionable young lad end up if his dad, the most influential person a growing lad can have, is so offensive (to hear and look at) in public? It makes my heart sink.

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LF Barfe said...

When you spend a lot of time in enlightened company, it's easy to think that we got past this sort of 'hur hur, poofs do bumming and stuff' sniggering some time ago, but it's not the case at all. People like this dad shouldn't be permitted to reproduce.