13 July 2008

Mutant telephones, crashing skylabs and Eugene

Mark X started it. It's all his fault. He casually mentioned a Windows-friendly version of Chuckie Egg and away I went. I now have the Microsoftened version of Manic Miner on my computer and now I may never experience fresh air and sunshine again. Bah.


Sky Clearbrook said...

Chuckie Egg was so freaking addictive. I had it for the ZX Speccy. I remember everytime you got to the end of the last level, it would give you an extra life before going back round to level 1.

I got so good at it, one time I remember having gone through it so many times that I had umpteen lives with no chance of it ever coming to the end. If I hadn't pulled out the a/c adaptor (the only way of ending a game on a Speccy), I'd still be there to this very day!

Other faves from back in the day:
Atic Atac, Sabre Wulf, Ant Attack, TLL, Cyclone, Jumping Jack (very basic, but very addictive!), Wheelie, Skool Daze/Back To Skool, Starquake and everyone's favourite keyboard/kempston joystick wrecker, Daley Thompson's Decathalon.

Mark X said...

I can only apologise.

One thing that playing the old games has taught me is that despite all the learning, spiritual growth and personal development I've gone through in the last twenty-two years, the eleven-year-old me could totally whup my arse at Manic Miner, Chuckie Egg or Cybernoid II. It's enough to turn 2008-me to drink, just because I'm old enough to do so. Yeah, how'd you like them apples, 1986-me? I can buy as much booze as I like.

Planet Mondo said...

Wait til you get the Galaxia one.