26 August 2008

"He's scary and he's called Brian!"

It's been ages since I mentioned Coronation Street, my first television love. So, a few questions...

1 - Will anyone in the cab office ever finish that Rubik cube?

2 - Why wasn't Michael "Jerry" Starke told to go on a real diet to give his health kick just a mild shot of realism? If Renee Zellweger can be instructed to pile it on...

3 - Assuming Julia "Clare" Haworth has gone to have her baby, why is her absence not being questioned?

4 - The historic return of Jed Stone - is that it now?

5 - Good God, is that really Margi Clarke?


Bright Ambassador said...

Why are all the cereal boxes in Dev's shop turned sideways?

Why doesn't that factory owner set up on an industrial estate where business rates are normally free for the first year, and he can make his factory as big as he likes without causing too many planning problems?

Why is Norris such a dick?

Why did they think we're so thick we couldn't tell that Claire was up the stick?

How come that boy in the kebab shop is so ugly?

Why does David's ex like Foals? She doesn't look like a Foals fan. Or is it because it was the first band name the writers read when they were flicking through the NME looking for a trendy band for her to like?

How come Gail's dad can't act?

Sky Clearbrook said...

Why do they insist in adding extra rooms onto the Rovers? Okay we know it's always been bigger on the inside than on the outside - particularly pre-1986 when they used to have the Select (in fact, all the houses are bigger inside), but where the fuck did the additional upstairs living room spring from?

If Jed Stone has lived in a nearby street for forty years, how come nobody he remembers has ever spotted him? (I've no idea how long Kenneth Cope has signed up for this time, but it would be a woefully missed opportunity if other he did not interact with the other characters from the 1960s. I reckon Emily will find him in his hospital bed when she's "doing her rounds" and he'll end up lodging at No.3 for a while).

How come the interior of the Peacocks' home (now the Websters') changed over night?

Where is the Mortons' odd-toothed grandfather?

Sky Clearbrook said...

And why is the guy who was Dev's dad, now playing his "mate", Prem?