6 November 2008

Milk and thirteen sugars - #4

The first hole in our living room wall.

It's a watershed moment (not least because the house is letting in water and we may have to sleep in the shed) and as I type this, the builders are turning the above hole into a connecting door sized one.

We've shifted masses of stuff into the garage as the living room finally begins to be gutted. The initial hole above was acceptably cat-sized, so all five of our moggies have been shut in the master bedroom (with water, grub and tray) and last time I checked on them, one of them had left a deposit on the bed in protest, while two others were fighting. A fourth was (still) hiding under the bedclothes, where he has seemingly been since yesterday morning and the fifth is making good use of the shoe rack in the wardrobe.

The heating was off all last night, but tonight it will be working again. However, the presence of a door-sized hole leading on to an enclosed bit of building site makes me glad that East Yorkshire has had it mild of a night-time lately.

I knew it would be chaotic, and now I want it to be over... roll on Christmas.

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