5 November 2008

A wary White House experience

The American election was all a bit complicated for me, but I had a couple of hours flicking through the various news channels anyway. I started with ITV's coverage, then saw that Jon Culshaw was on and switched over instantly. He wasn't even on as light relief, but as supposedly a proper commentator on American politics, albeit one who kept going into Bush impressions.

Ultimately, while waiting for results and for Jeremy Vine to do something gimmicky and stereotypical with that touchscreen, the Natural Blonde challenged me to name all 50 American states. I managed 38 before I fell asleep.

Woke up this morning thinking McCain had won, because I thought Republicans were blue and Democrats red, in the way that our right-wingers are blue and left-wingers red.

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LF Barfe said...

Oh dear. You missed John Bolton and Simon Schama showing that there's a very fine line between hate and love. You also missed Gore Vidal humiliating David Dimbleby utterly. Both experiences are on YouTube, should you wish to catch up. The Vidal moment is particularly worthwhile.