2 December 2008

Cold calling

It's December, it's freezing and the nights are drawing in, and yet an ice cream van is still merrily driving down our street at gone 6pm every single evening, playing a screechy version of Heads & Shoulders, Knees & Toes as it saunters by.

Nobody down our road is buying the man's wares. I feel a bit sorry for him, but he must know that his work is entirely seasonal, and even kids with sweet tooths and an uncanny capacity to nag their parents into buying them something would prefer a large portion of Wellington fudge and custard to a Cornetto or a 99.


Planet Mondo said...

Funnily enough last time I saw our local Icey - I asked him what he does during the winter - nothing apparently. And as a seasoned ebayer, that looks like a photo from the 'bay - which opens up an very tempting area 'ice cream vans for sale on the bay' what a nugget I'm going to have check the going rates - would love one of those pink Tonibell ones

Callum said...

When I lived in Preston there was a similar ice cream van that would drive round the streets near my house. I asked some mates about this phenomenon some years later. Apparently, he sold marijuana as well as ice cream.