24 December 2008

How was it for me?

I'm sorry that some bloggers have had a bad year, judging by their festive posts. My 2008 has been very good, with work issues sorted and improved, the extension almost finished, my family sport of swimming restoring its reputation in Beijing and Hull City's promotion adding a period of sheer euphoria which we're still feeling round these parts. The club's new-found role as the saviours of English football (not an exaggeration) also pleases me greatly.

It's not been all great, of course. Charlie Smith's death saddened me but his longevity and amazing life achievements will always neutralise the sense of loss. My road accident at Easter will give me nightmares for a while to come yet. And there was the death of my neighbour. We didn't get on with him at all, but that doesn't stop me thinking of his family at this time of year

2008 also brought about the first anniversary of this blog, a date I never believed for a moment I'd reach. That's thanks to you for maintaining a level of interest which makes writing this guff always a pleasure.

Whatever kind of year 2008 has been for you, I hope 2009 is as good as it can be.

Kind regards and merry Christmas.


office pest said...

Happy Christmas to you too - I hope you're ok with being drafted in as Radio Op. over on OP, for the annual Bloggers Holiday..

Matthew Rudd said...

Most honoured!