22 December 2008

"Like Bisto gravy, you saved the best for last!"

Strictly Come Dancing is over and I warmed to Tom at the last minute, especially after Rachel's showdance proved to be such a typically tedious effort. I got numerous texts while it was all going on because I was driving to Stockport at the time and had it on the Sky+ for when I got home. Lisa shouldn't have gone out when she did - not after getting 80 out of 80 - but Tom's showdance was exceptional and he was worthy as a winner.

The highs and lows of the series then...


1 - Austin Healey and Erin Boag
2 - Claudia Winkelman expressing a desire to be Craig Revel Horwood's gay lover ("is that wrong?")
3 - Vincent Simone and Brian Fortuna, the real stars of their particular partnerships
4 - The singers, especially the one who did Moon River
5 - Lisa Snowdon in long gloves
6 - Karen Hardy making it clear she loathed Gary Rhodes
7 - Rachel Stevens' meathead brothers
8 - John Sergeant shamelessly courting the public vote, and succeeding
9 - Cherie Lunghi showing her knickers and Gillian Taylforth not showing her knickers
10 - Tom Chambers and Camilla Dallerup's showdance


1 - Arlene Phillips' utter witlessness
2 - That partner of Cherie spitting his dummy out over John quitting
3 - The over-celebbed studio audience, many of whom craned their necks to be seen; would they be bothered if it wasn't on television?
4 - Bruce Forsyth's performance on finals night
5 - The voting controversies and on-air apologies, just to try to prevent the Daily Mail from sticking the knife further in
6 - Rachel's utter lack of personality or charisma
7 - The assumption that the whole country knows where Lisa is on the radio every morning
8 - Len Goodman claiming the Austin/Erin paso lacked content
9 - The bullying of John
10 - Crocodile tears upon exiting - if you're going to "miss" dancing so much, then you could always take it up as a hobby, y'know...


Bright Ambassador said...

Not living in the East Midlands, and thus not having access to BBC's East Midlands Today, you'd hate Chambers with every fibre in your body too.
Here's some information on him you may not know a)he's recently got married to his childhood sweetheart and b)he cancelled his honeymoon to go on the show.
Which just shows what a nakedly ambitious turd he is. He knows that next year he wouldn't have been asked and thus his career would have sank without trace as just another ex-Casualty actor - or whatever he's in.
AND he's already had dancing experience. And what sort of a man of his age wants to be Fred Astaire?

Matthew Rudd said...

As I understand it, his wedding and honeymoon were due on a Saturday during the broadcast, and they postponed it by 24 hours because it was on a Saturday.

Planet Mondo said...

Have you heard any of the Christmas bootleg remixes doing the rounds? - You can grab a Shaking Stevens, Jet and Jonah Lewie mashup here

The best selection of them here here
and four albums worth here

Bright Ambassador said...

They were planning on going away, but had a week at a spa in Leicestershire so that he could practise his moves while his blushing bride looked on. According to tonight's East Midlands Today, who were nothing but gushing of course, they're now planning a 'proper' honeymoon.
I feel for Austin Healey who also lives in the area but has had nothing like the coverage Chambers had.
Could all this be to do with the fact that Chambers could be a lot more useful for the BBC than, say, Stevens or Healey? I mean, they like to crowbar Strictly and Doctor Who into every-bloody-thing, don't they?

Matthew Rudd said...

Heh, the bee in your bonnet is buzzing really loudly...

Bright Ambassador said...

Yeah, it is. I don't like him, can you tell?