18 January 2009

"Żadne JA jestem nie od Polska ale JA jestem nadzwyczajnie sprawne przy umieszczeniu dachówek na ścianach łazienki."*

Back in the days when this blog was barely on solids, I enjoyed putting together this list of questions I'm always asked during an average DJ set at the club in Stockport.

Now you can add a new question. I may never be asked it again, so it probably doesn't belong on the 'regulars' list, but I had little notion of why it was asked and how I should reply.

A female, aged about 23, walked up to me and, with a straight face and a broad Stopfordian accent, enquired of me:

"Excuse me. Are you Polish?"

I'd like to think it was because I was demonstrating a high quality work ethic as I took CDs out of the players and replaced them with new ones, while occasionally pressing the smoke machine button and swigging from a Guinness glass. If not, then I'm buggered as to why she believed me to be from Poland.

My reply was, I'm sure you'll agree, warm and witty and wise, given that it was an unexpected question and I was obliged to come up with a polite and insightful answer.

"Er, no."

*No I am not from Poland but I am extremely proficient at putting tiles on bathroom walls.


JM said...

I guess the most prosaic explanation is that she thought you looked a little Polish.

On that basis, be glad she wasn't motivated to stride up and ask "excuse me, are you a cunt?"

Five-Centres said...

It's the fair hair. You could pass for a Pole. Perhaps she had a thing for Poles. You could have been in there.