20 January 2009

Laughing at Manchester City

You try for Kaka, you end up with Craig Bellamy.

(F-C and other non-footballists: That's like trying for Bruce Forsyth but making do with Doc Cox).


Olaf Legend said...

This to be true. It is also like trying for God and getting a local vicar. Although not mine local Vicar who is injailed for misbehaving with peoples. Not good.

I see you are prefering the Hull side of footballs. Not good also.

You need Freddy Lundberg to play for your team I think.

Best wishes

Valentine Suicide said...

Or trying for Gene Kelly and ending up with Bruce Forsyth..

I hate Bellamy and hope he gets relegated with City. Along with (Hull and West Brom, obviously)

Bright Ambassador said...

Funny that, I pissed myself laughing at Man City about two and a half weeks ago.