5 February 2009

Caz 'n' Saz

I don't have any real beef about Carol Thatcher's dismissal by the BBC - not that she had an actual job with them in the first place - because she made a racially insensitive remark.

I do, however, find it troubling and infuriating that they continue to not just employ, but also defend Sarah Kennedy for expressing much more dangerous racial opinions than anything Thatcher may have uttered - and doing so via the luxury of her own airtime.


Clair said...

Heah, heah!! Double standards all round!

Bright Ambassador said...

What irks me about Kennedy (and there's a LOT), is that she offers opinions on her crappy newspaper review when they quite clearly weren't asked for. Especially if it's laying into the governemnt. And isn't it a coincidence that most of her paper review comes out of the Telegraph? (Or Tele-grarf as she calls it.)

I can see a ranting blog post coming up about Kennedy in the not too distant future, especially as now I'm back on shifts I've sarted listening to her again.

Oh, and I'm glad Thatcher got the push from the One Show. She's awful on the telly. I could do her ex-job and I'd be miles better at it an'all.

the mad muppet said...

I am shocked and dismayed to find that I actually agree with you about something, Mr Rudd.

I fear this may prove to be the end of me...

Who'd ever have thought you'd grow up to be all sensible?