16 February 2009

In need of a good poking

Bright Ambassador is proud of me, doubtlessly writing another blog entry with Vindicated! in the title, and Clair keeps sending me celebratory fish and chips and clips of Classix Nouveaux.

Yes, I've succumbed to the pressure, the kind Lebanese kidnappers didn't get when clinging on to Jackie Mann, and joined Facebook.

I'm now a member of There's Only One Luke Beckett! thereon, so already my few days of serious networking have not been wasted.

Twitter's still better though, so ner.


Valentine Suicide said...

You're one the Faces now, instead of one of the twits...

Lee Slator said...

I would say that facebook is different to twitter. One of the main uses I have of it is sharing photos and looking through my friends images. I'm definitely not into the stupid games and throwing animal malarkies. Quizzes are sometimes a favourite diversion of mine.

To me twitter is similar to the 'status' function on facebook. There doesn't seem to be as much functionality than with facebook (although I may have not found other bits and bobs of it yet)

Bright Ambassador said...

I can't help being right all the time, can I?