10 March 2009

I've ad enough

Three ads are currently getting the proverbial goat:

Firstly, the ads warning us about how to spot if someone is having a stroke. All worthy of course, but if they scare a (wussy, admittedly) 35 year old six-footer like me, then God knows what they do to kids watching.

Secondly, the Thomson ads featuring Welcome To My World by Jim Reeves. I love that song, and their edited version makes a mockery of its meaning, structure and rhyme, and really irritates me. Here's the proper version...


Thirdly, the anti-speeding advert, featuring the dead child everywhere the man turns. Don't ever let anyone live with a mistake, will you? And it can't do much for the drivers who knocked down children when they weren't speeding ... sometimes the pedestrian is at fault too, y'know...


Callum said...

Can I also suggest the one for bloody SaclĂ  pasta sauce? Stupid annoying percussionistic vanity-accented twattery.

And of course the Lloyd's Bank (AKA HM Taxpayer) ones with that creepy theme tune and the little cartoon folk getting on a train.

One thing to be thankful: Parships.co.uk has stopped adertising on telly.

Charles Nove said...

"Sausages? Leave it out!"
This appallingly written piece of tat is propping up undersold breaks all over the place and it makes me M A D !