22 May 2009

The weekend

Been doing breakfast shows all week here and therefore the time/urge for blogging has been a little restricted. However, plenty of hair will be let down tonight as it's off to London for the latest radio boys Nerd Night with Alex et al. I'm flying down there (ooooh, get me) immediately after the show and it'll end up as a nigh on 24 hour shift.

Then there is the small matter of praying that Hull City avoid relegation on Sunday, which is also my 36th birthday. Given that the same date last year had such dual significance, I'd rather hope this year will be equally as euphoric. When I turn 37 next year, I'd like the day to be eventless and unemotional, thanks...

So, as if it makes everything palatable and fine, (and as I've not mentioned the cats for ages) have a picture of Harvey, our largest and scarediest moggy, in "is it safe to come out yet" mode, while I spend the weekend drinking, worrying and telling myself that other people are worse off than me.

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