29 June 2009

You know that you came and you changed my world, erm...

Not for the first time, the words of F-C have prompted me into action. I was going to ignore Michael Jackson entirely due to a) being all Jacksoned out after playing lots of his records on the radio on Friday morning; and b) never being more than a casual admirer of the man's work.

However, F-C has done a rather spiffing list of personalised or less obvious Jackson memories, so my deep-rooted unoriginality means I'm going to do likewise. Here goes...

1 - Jeff Astle on Fantasy Football League singing Earth Song. As ever, Astle quickly lost the rhythm and forgot the words as he ploughed through the opening verse over a muzak background, but Baddiel and Skinner doing the "how about us?" routine in the background was a killer.

2 - We Are The World, and the fact that Jackson was still the biggest star on show on a day when his mate Quincy, in charge of production and arrangement, insisted that there were no stars at all. You could tell this because a) he got two separate lines in the song, which nobody else got; and b) he blatantly wasn't at the recording but did his turn prior to the Grammy awards of 1985, after which the rest of the cast decamped to the studios.

3 - Paul Merton's "is it 'bugger toddlers'?" headline-filler on Have I Got News For You in 1994, which is probably the single most amazing thing ever to be passed through by the show's lawyer in its 19 year history.

4 - The 12 year old lad given a phenomenal amount of That's Life airtime in 1988 to show us his moonwalk, complete with expensive costume, even though he was exceptionally shit at it.

5 - Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic.

6 - Refusing to do Live Aid because it was a "Jehovah's Witness Rest Day" which was about as convincing as Tears For Fears dropping out over a row with their sax player.

7 - Steve Wright, whose opinion on anything generally wouldn't interest me one bit, casually saying "what the hell is he on about?" while playing In The Closet, and being right.

8 - The terrific pisstake of the flies-open-and-shut routine by Phil Collins on Genesis' I Can't Dance video.

9 - "And they look as though they all support Aston Villa!"

10 - Chris Evans brilliantly exposing the Jackson entourage as a fraud by showing the suppressed footage of what Jarvis Cocker really did that night, and the Jackson statement which began "Michael Jackson respects Pulp as artists, but ...".


JM said...

I'm thinking of starting a campaign for Lenny Henry's "Mad" parody video from his 1987 Christmas special to be reshown in tribute.

Five-Centres said...

Can't wait to get anything Jackson-related on eBay. H ave you seen the prices they're going for?

Ishouldbeworking said...

"Mad" remains for me the funniest (and possibly, the ONLY funny) thing Lenny Henry has ever done. And I still get childish glee from 'have a banana, have the whole bunch'.

Say what you like about Jacko, but he inspired a couple of very good piss-takes. What finer legacy could there be?