14 August 2009

And your time starts .... now!

TJ's done a music quiz on his blog, and I don't know any of the answers at all. Therefore I've done my own music quiz, loosely based on the idea that if I am capable of setting these questions, then you should be well equipped to respond correctly. I wonder how many Kevin Ashman could get? I'll delay publishing any responses until 5pm at the earliest so that you're not tempted to look when the boy Masterton claims 20 out of 20. Here goes...

1 - Which song was written as a direct riposte to Southern Man by Neil Young?

2 - Who was the balding frontman of one hit wonders Classix Nouveaux who then had a similarly singular solo career?

3 - Rick Witter is the lead singer of which 90s band?

4 - Who provided the female vocals on the Prince hit Diamonds & Pearls?

5 - What was the question of considerable fuckwittery that Donna Air put to the Corrs on television?

6 - Which rock star's former careers included youth footballer with Brentford and gravedigger?

7 - Yootha Joyce appeared on the front cover of which Smiths single?

8 - How many members of the Sweet are still alive?

9 - Who was Leslie Crowther's hellraising son-in-law for a while?

10 - Which is the only song to have been number one in the UK in four entirely different versions?

11 - Which actor did the hammed up "we have a dream" cobblers on Scotland's 1982 World Cup song?

12 - Working Man was a hit for who in 1990?

13 - Which song won Madness an Ivor Novello award in 1983?

14 - "I said that I would marry her, that pretty girl in the lower year..." is a line from which Top 10 hit of the 1980s?

15 - Which product did the Kinks have to remove from the lyrics of one of their songs in 1970?

16 - Which brother and sister sang Ain't Nobody together at the BRIT awards earlier this decade?

17 - "Hi, my name's Stereo Mike!" is the introduction on which 1999 hit?

18 - Which was the first single released off the Sterephonics' album Performance And Cocktails?

19 - A child called Abby Kimber uttered the closing line on which 1980s number one single?

20 - Which actress did the running at the end of the video to Bryan Adams' hit Run To You?


Five-Centres said...

Hmm, I can get the following:

2. Sal Solo
5. Are you related?
6. Rod Stewart
7. Ask
8. Two
9. Phil Lynnott
11. I thought I knew this but I don't
12. Rita McNeil
17. Drinking In LA/Bran Van 3000
18. The Bartender and the Thief
19. Land of Make Believe/Bucks Fizz

Bright Ambassador said...

1 - Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

3 - Shed Seven.

11 - John Gordon Sinclair.

15 - Coca Cola.

16 - Probably those Bedingfield turds.

Have I won a t-shirt?

Matthew Rudd said...

The asnwers then...

1 - Sweet Home Alabama
2 - Sal Solo
3 - Shed Seven
4 - Rosie Gaines
5 - Any variation on "how did you meet?"
6 - Rod Stewart
7 - Ask
8 - Two (Scott and Priest)
9 - Phil Lynott
10 - Unchained Melody (Jimmy Young, Righteous Brothers, Robson & Jerome and Gareth Gates)
11 - John Gordon Sinclair
12 - Rita MacNeil
13 - Our House
14 - Everybody's Laughing by Phil fearon & Galaxy
15 - Coca Cola
16 - Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield
17 - Drinking In LA by Bran Van 3000
18 - The Bartender and the Thief
19 - The Land Of Make Believe by Bucks Fizz
20 - Lysette Anthony

Well done...