22 September 2009

Scotland the brave

Am I the only one who thinks that not sacking an Attorney General who has broken the law is beyond scandalous?

Baroness Scotland drew up the laws on hiring illegal immigrants and then promptly broke them by, er, hiring an illegal immigrant. She's been fined £5,000 - half the maximum amount - but stays in her post. Her credibility in the job has been shot to pieces. Every speech she makes about law and order will receive the same response about her own peccadillo. She'll be a laughing stock.

That she hasn't chosen to resign herself is barely a surprise, given that it would be an honourable thing to do and few politicians these days display any characteristics of honour. But that Gordon Brown hasn't chosen to fire her (or at least tell her she has the chance to resign before he does fire her) - well, to be honest that's no surprise either. Presumably his Cabinet Secretary told him, a la Hacker and Appleby, that it would be "a courageous decision".

I despair of this wretched bunch of dishonest, selfish, dictatorial, unscrupulous charlatans we have in charge. When is the election?


Beetwaste said...

Apparently, she did the checks required, but then didn't keep a record of the documents which is against the law and would, I suggest, imply she didn't actually do the checks.

As it is her governments' laws, I would agree she should be sacked, as would happen to most other people in this country. But then, that's British Politics for you.

A Write Blog said...

I couldn't agree more with you.

I wonder, though, how long it will be before the replacement government will get up to similar cynical behaviour.