28 September 2009

"You put your finger on the trigger and you shot my heart..."

I walked to the Liverpool v Hull City game on Saturday with the bass player from Dead Or Alive. Word.

Turns out he lives in Cheshire, near a couple of exiled Hullensians whom I see at every Tigers match. I didn't recognise him without an introduction - grey-haired, he was in an anorak and Liverpool scarf and blended in seamlessly with the heaving throng - but as soon as his identity as "Mike Percy from Dead Or Alive" was pointed out I pictured him instantly in his heyday.

The poor bloke. During our subsequent ten minute walk from the Flat Iron to the stadium, I was singing In Too Deep (always my favourite Dead Or Alive song), asking him about the "Rock It! Rock It!" outburst from Pete Burns which appears at the top of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) on compilations, but didn't on the original 7" single (which I own), remembering just how long it took that same song to get into the Top 40, and then to No.1, after initial release (you can blame/congratulate Simon Bates for that, apparently), recalling that odd box-shaped bass guitar with no end attached to the neck that he used to play, and quoting Lover Come Back To Me and My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor).

He kept laughing and offering expletives of disbelief that he had met someone who just doesn't say "That Pete looks a bit odd these days, doesn't he?". I most enjoyed informing him that I managed to get my Saturday night 80s crowd to ape his flag-waving routine on the video to You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) instead of what crowds usually do when that chorus comes on - a kind of pirouette with the shoemaker hand-dance above their heads. That belongs on Agadoo, thanks very much.

He was a top bloke, and as we parted company at the Shankly Gates, I suspect he was a mixture of relieved and bamboozled. Oddly enough I then felt both of those emotions after the game - bamboozled at a 6-1 defeat and relieved that it wasn't more. Anyway, I'm now hoping to meet the guitarist from Its Immaterial when we go to Old Trafford in February.

Here they are doing In Too Deep. My new showbiz chum is the second one to be seen singing into the water during the first chorus.


Callum said...

I once sat in the row behind Captain Sensible from the Damned at the Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham.

JM said...

Brand New Lover. FTW.

Five-Centres said...

For me it's Misty Circles, also available on the You Spin Me Round 12"