2 October 2009

Keeping you on the move

I have been due a mobile upgrade for a month or so now, something I was reminded about by a phone call every other bloody day by the Carphone Warehouse. Well, finally, I had time and inclination to start the process of learning a new model again, and earlier this week acquired a Nokia E75.

My main requirement was to be able to access the internet for a fixed monthly fee rather than paying through the nose; and to be able to update sites, such as this blog, directly via the phone. This has, so far, only been a partial success.

It's early days, but how on earth do people type at any reasonable speed on those tiny flip-out keyboards? It's easier for me, at the moment, to keep the thing hidden and use predictive text instead. Using the keyboard has become like the process of learning where the letters are on a manual typewriter for the very first time and using one finger with a five second gap in between. And I've got big fingers; the tendency to press the wrong key is very frequent indeed.

I logged into this blog as best I could, saving the settings, and then the thing froze. It wouldn't tell me whether my login had been successful or not, it just stayed on that page. I'd much rather have got the error message. The signal was strong, so it wasn't malfunctioning for that reason. I left it in place and went to make a brew, and upon return from the kitchen it was still frozen on the same page, showing no signs of loading. So that experiment, thus far, has not worked. I'll have another go later.

Still, there are good things about this new phone. The GPS expertly got me to a radio station in Birmingham yesterday after I dismounted my train at New Street, although bumping into the National Lottery's OJ Borg (he's on tonight, y'know) at a car park nearby also helped, as he was headed for the same place. He and I go back years. At the very least, his gestures in the rough direction of the studios did back up where the big arrow on my mobile screen was telling me to go.

Ultimately, my phone is for phone calls. I won't be playing music off it or watching videos. So I'm happy with it. But I have a poor record when it comes to getting some of the other available functions on a mobile to actually work or, in the case of others, to understand what they really mean. IMAP Protocol, anyone?


Lee Slator said...

Ooops, I've well and truly managed to confuse you haven't I?!!

It's a typical protocol used in setting up a device/program to get to your emails basically.

Have you managed to get your email working yet? If not, is there any way I can assist (I should rephrase that as attempt to)?

Valentine Suicide said...

The blog things not great from mobile internet. You can just about do comments. I use the mobile Opera Browser for that.

Good for reading (Google Reader is good to bookmark blogs on your computer, then read them on your mobile) but not really writing stuff.

Facebook's good from a mobile.

A Write Blog said...

I've always been ambivalent about all the bells and whistles that come with mobiles.

Yet one day I may be grateful.

A road accident where I can record photographic evidence?

Threatening behaviour? - as long as I'm secure behind a window or in my car LOL