21 April 2010

And everything is purple

Premier Inn hotels are starting to piss me off with this £29-a-night offer of theirs. Have you seen the smallprint on it? It only applies to certain hotels, on certain dates, for a certain number of days, booked online only, etc etc etc. And the fact that it's Lenny Henry advertising this almost-con makes it worse.

The truth is that a night in a Premier Inn costs £70 if you are a lone adult, pretty much wherever you go. Now for a budget hotel, albeit better than Travelodge, that is still too much. And when you go to their website looking for a £29 room but only get offered a £70 one, you just feel totally fooled. Nobody attracted to a £29 offer is then going to book for £70. Nobody.

I used to look at the Premier Inn website for hotels for when organising accommodation for our Nerd Nights. But not any more. They are simply too expensive while claiming to be dirt cheap. The expression "budget hotel" appears to have changed its meaning from "limited budget" to "unlimited budget" if we use Premier Inn (or Holiday Inn Express, judging by the price I was quoted when trying to find somewhere to stay for our June jaunt to Liverpool) as an example.

For the last three Nerd Nights we've found terrific rooms at less than 40 quid each in smart hotels that aren't chained, via lastminute.com. It's the way to carry on. I shan't be staying at a Premier Inn again unless they begin to tell the truth about their prices for 99% of the people who want to stay there. And change their celebrity endorsement.

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