29 September 2010

That awful Harman woman again

David Miliband was absolutely right to question Harriet Harman about her remarkable applauding of Miliband Minor's negative views on the Iraq war.

But the big question for me isn't whether he was wise to do so in such a way as to allow the lip readers to get the big story.

I prefer to wonder why Harman, who as Miliband Major pointed out, did vote for the war, was thick enough to applaud in the first place when the cameras were everywhere. Had a clearly pissed off David kept his counsel, the political correspondents would have taken up her hypocrisy themselves.

She is probably waking up today eternally grateful that Miliband Major made it a front page story about his fury rather than her rank stupidity.

Thank goodness the only power she has now is that of Millie Tant in an opposition party.

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