2 February 2011

Make someone happy with a phone call - me

Did you pick up my mobile last night? If so, please use the phone book on it to call me. At some point on the short walk back to the car after last night's football match. I lost it. Irritatingly, I didn't notice until I'd arrived home, wasting half an hour of valuable step-tracing time.

I went straight back out and searched but, of course, it was nowhere to be seen. I knew it was lost on a lit main road as I'd used it on part of the walk and then, I presume, slipped it into my pocket only for it to fall out and, annoyingly, I never felt or heard it leave my person and hit the ground.

So, at pushing midnight I was cancelling the SIM and changing passwords on my email and various web sources - Facebook, Twitter, my bank, one or two others - so that nothing could be accessed dishonestly in my name. What a rigmarole, honestly. Some precious photos are gone, as are all my numbers. And I feel odd without having it there.

We all get occasions where we send a text to someone and they reply with: "Who's this? I've lost my numbers and this is a new phone". The next time it'll be me. That's if I don't re-search the car in daylight and find it within the seat, wedged in a place that fingers combined with midnight darkness simply could not reach.


Mondo said...

Oh God, that cold sweaty dread of the missing phone..I read last week, most people would prefer to lose a wallet than a phone now. I'm one of them.

office pest said...

Ah bad show chap. However, when I last lost a phone and it was years ago, and abroad to boot, so things should be even better now, the phone network were able to reinstate all my numbers to a new SIM from, I presume, their call records.
Big brother etc but I wasn't complaining. Presumably yours can do this too. Local stored content will have gone I guess unless you ever sent the pictures on anywhere..? Good luck with it.

John Medd said...

It'll be in the car, believe me. We'll be in Beverley on Saturday night - do you still want these WSCs?

Matthew Rudd said...

Almost definitely John, though it's time for an upgrade anyway! Can I pass on the WSCs for the moment? I haven't the room nor, more cogently, the finances. Thanks.