3 March 2011

They got me coming up with answers, all of which I deny

The call came 24 hours before - do you fancy interviewing one half of Duran Duran for Q Radio?

Tough one. I had planned to clean out the kennel while the dogs were at the groomers. But after a spot of reflection I concluded that they could be grubby for one more day. Roger Taylor and John Taylor couldn't wait an extra day for a wretch like me.

So I hotfooted it down to London and got almost an hour with them, chatting about the present and past. The new album is ace. They seem to be pleased with it too. John even took a photo of Roger and I gassing away and tweeted it.

That was the tweet, here's the pic...

Don't know when the final recording, which will be interspersed with music of their choice (mainly 70s punk, disco and arty fare), is due to be on air. Once I've done the edit and boxed it off, I'll let you know.

So, another ambition crossed off the list.

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