5 April 2011

Back for good, home and dry

I'm stunned that the Pet Shop Boys have agreed to be the support act on Take That's latest tour. Stunned and, well, impressed too.

The one thing Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have always been is aware of the zeitgeist. Their taste in music is as modern as anyone a quarter of their age - Neil is 57 this year - and while I expect they don't have wall to wall Take That records on hand, they'll know exactly what they're doing.

It really is a clever move on everyone's part. Take That could end up with up to three generations of young families going along - the current kids, the initial Take That screamers now in their mid to late 20s, and the 40-something mums who were 20-something mums taking their daughters along to gigs when Everything Changes was in the charts. Those 40-something mums will be as interested in seeing the Pet Shop Boys as they will the main act, given as they would have been of the dominant demographic when Neil and Chris were regularly hitting the top of the charts.

The presence of Neil and Chris - first name terms, don't you know - will also get a good deal more fellas at the gigs than before.

The only previous connection between the two bands I can think of is that Neil sang backing vocals on Robbie Williams' solo song No Regrets, which was a thinly-disguised attack on Gary Barlow and almost certainly is swept under the carpet now. Then again, having done that "we're friends again, look!" duet last year, they'll probably think it'd be hilarious to have Gary singing the song about him, with Neil providing his backing vocals without a hint of irony.

Okay, not that then. But it's inevitable that they will do something on stage together - you can't imagine, for all the handiness of being on a major sell-out tour, that the Pet Shop Boys would be happy being heading back to their hotel while the star turns arse about onstage - so what will it be? Neil and Robbie duet on Back For Good? Mark pops onstage early on to play the Dusty Springfield role on What Have I Done To Deserve This? Perhaps Howard (or is it Jason?) will come on and prove he really can play guitar by doing the opening riff to Being Boring?

Back in 1991, I won a pair of tickets for a Bryan Adams gig at Maine Road, Manchester. He was still on his one-man chart strangulation mission at the time and my mum, prone to singing along to the sanitised rock music courtesy of the stuff my brother used to play through the walls throughout the 1980s, had begun to like him. So, I gave her the tickets and she took my (semi-reluctant) dad along, parked along the Curry Mile and watched every act - Little Angels, Squeeze, Extreme and finally little Bry himself. Now that was quite some support he had.

Duran Duran first got some proper publicity from supporting Hazel O'Connor; the Damned rose in the punk ranks courtesy of their association with Marc Bolan; even the largely unknown Wet Wet Wet sold a damned good stack of singles in 1987 after getting on to Lionel Richie's sell-out tour. Kim Wilde was happy to play second fiddle - as it were - to Michael Jackson in 1988 and Level 42 bowed and scraped to Madonna ("America was calling me, you said I must choose") around the same period. Plenty of examples here of ego being put aside for the good of the long-term career, and I'm pretty sure that's how the Pet Shop Boys view their professional decision too. Or, they might just think it'll be a laugh.


Simon said...

A tempting package. I've always made a point of seeing support acts even when friends felt it was more "cool" to hang about in the bar or a pub elsewhere.

We saw that Bryan Adams tour in Ipswich and it did make for a great afternoon/night even if I could live without Mr A himself.

John Medd said...

I wonder how they'll divvy up the gate money?

Suzy Norman said...

Hazel O'Connor was briefly very big news. It seems strange to think of Duran Duran supporting her now, but at the time, don't forget, she was a film star.

Matthew Rudd said...

Yeah, I probably didn't make it clear Suzy that I thought Duran Duran did well to get that tour because of Hazel's profile at the time. But they were also lucky as, I presume, the system has always been for the headline act to choose who to invite, and Hazel could've chosen someone far more established.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Like you say, there's nobody cannier than Neil and Chris. They've never quite gone away, but never quite looked like they were trying too hard. Very savvy gents.

WV - 'drossi'. Seems a bit harsh.

Bright Ambassador said...

Why will the Pet Shop Boys get more blokes there? I don't know any blokes who like them. The only thing that would get me to one of these concerts is the amount of MILFage present.