5 May 2011

She's not a victim, she's a woman - deal with it!

Take a look at this. It's a Cardiff City player knocking over one of the assistant referees during his team's match against Middlesbrough on Monday afternoon.

Do you think it was a deliberate collision? The splendid blog The Two Unfortunates believes so. I'm not so sure. The collision seems to be a split second after the challenge with the Middlesbrough player and I'm not convinced the player in question could have done much to prevent it.

The act of knocking an official over isn't new, nor is it scarce, but this one is getting serious headlines because the official in question is Sian Massey, the lady who was the subject of the grotesque comments that put paid to the Sky careers of Richard Keys and Andy Gray. Two things are obvious: firstly, had it been any other official (ie, male) knocked down, nobody would have given it a second thought; and secondly, the Cardiff player certainly should have apologised and checked the official's well-being, irrespective of blame or gender. That he didn't remains the only offence I'm absolutely convinced he committed.

Sian Massey picked herself straight up and got on with her job. She had a smile on her face, as did the referee.

There are comments underneath the clip. The top one as I look at it now isn't very original but it did make me chuckle. I'll reproduce it here, just in case it's moved down the order by the time you click.

"If Sian Massey was a player she'd have stayed down, screamed in pain, got stretchered off, sued, claimed for a penalty, got on I'm a celebrity get me out of here, turned into an alcoholic & written a book about it."

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Wesley said...

Hmmm. I'm not so sure that was an accident to be honest. The abrupt change of footwork as he gets across the line looks fishy to me. As you know, football isn't my game but in Rugby players know how to disguise such off-the-ball actions. There's a whiff of 'Accidentally-on-purpose' about it. We've discussed the skills and acumen of footballers in the past. These are professional athletes. They make a living out of being able to run, turn, make split second decisions and tactical choices. That to me looks like a split second decision on the run-in to clatter the official. The lack of an apology or even any acknowledgement that the collision had occurred is the give-away. Nothing to do with her gender. Nothing to do with her 'fame'.

I totally agree with the quote though. The video should be used as a warning to players, running with the strapline "This girl is tougher than you".