20 July 2011

Car 9, where are you?

So, I'm after a new car, the ninth of my driving life. The Renault Scenic, bought cheap as it was the NB's ex-company car and she got first refusal and a mega discount, is crap. For my needs it is, anyway. It'd be fine for a Sunday driver or for someone who has a five-mile journey to work of a morn. I am not either.

The Mondeo, and every Mondeo of the four I've owned, were diesel powered and got me to Stockport and back twice over on one tank; often there'd be room for a sharp trip to the KC Stadium afterwards too. If I maxed the tank until the fuel spat back on to my shoes and was careful with the aircon, I'd get 600+ miles from it. The Scenic does barely half of that, and on unleaded too. The Mondeo cost me a few quid in instalments a month whereas the Scenic is paid for, but I'm giving the equivalent of a monthly instalment in extra fuel to the Scenic.

So, what'll it be? My requirements are a used vehicle, ideally no more than five years old, that runs on diesel. Make, model, colour etc are of little consequence to me, and my only other mild - but not non-negotiable - requirement is an automatic gearbox. Suggestions welcome and, indeed, encouraged. A comfy, reclinable front seat for when I'm kipping between gigs would be handy, too...


office pest said...

I think you've got to stick to a Ford Mondeo, or maybe go for a Skoda.

But why bother, the Fords are roomy, comfy, easy and cheap to fix, quick, and they 'drive nice'. I've got one and I love it, had it for years.
I had a Vauxhall once, nice car but the seats were certainly not as comfortable, not for a tall chap.

Lee Slator said...

I think you'll not find anything as cheap to maintain as a Ford. I swapped my much loved diesel Focus for a Honda Civic a couple of years ago through this firm.

Now the civic is probably the best car I've ever had in terms of comfort and specification. It even does slightly better on fuel, even though it is a 2.2 diesel. It is very expensive to maintain though, compared to Ford.

As for the experience with the garage, they were first class to deal with. They were straightforward and even dealt with the transfer of my Private plate, a breath of fresh air compared to dealing with main dealers. They're also season ticket holders at the KC so you'd be in good company (can you imagine the stick I got?!).