12 August 2011


Just a short one today, but I'm thrilled to bits that my old chum OJ Borg has got himself a week on BBC Radio 2, covering for Janice Long.

OJ's career has been meteoric and deservedly so. He is so annoyingly handsome while being so annoyingly witty and so annoyingly charismatic while being so annoyingly articulate. He's going far.

In the last five years he's been a presenter on VH-1, done the Lotto draw, presented darts on telly and worked on some of the UK's biggest radio brands, culminating in this coming week on the biggest radio brand of them all.

And although it's telly that's given him his national profile, he's a proper radio man, which does the network rare credit in giving him the work. I know him because he used to be on the travel news rota that kept listeners updated on the breakfast show I hosted from 2002 to 2005. From there he had his own shows on the same radio station, then got breakfast on the Revolution in Oldham. His career was, from thereonin, only going up, up, up. He had the gall - and the confidence - to do a visual showreel while on his breakfast show and VH-1 gave him a gig on the spot.

He's a top bloke and one of my favourite people in the industry. I genuinely take this as one of the best bits of radio industry news I've ever heard.


Johnny Hotsausage said...

I know the guy written about here And I can vouch for his superb character and his work with disabled children.

OJ Borg said...

Why thank you gentleman above (who ever you are)

Cheers Rudd..... Traffic and Travel made me the man I am today (bitter,twisted etc)


Debbie's Rottweiler said...

I first became aware of OJ's DJ'ing talent way back in 1997 at Rosie O'Briens in Leicester.

It was a balmy Monday evening and I'll never forget one particular mix he did, Dario G "Sunchyme" into JD "Plastic Dreams". It was such a transcendental experience that I couldn't contain myself and cocked a leg in excitement.

From that moment I could see just how far he was going to go.

Well done OJ!