9 April 2012

Q The 80s is now somewhere else

For the latest Q The 80s log (and all the others) you can now go here. Feel free to bookmark, tweet, spread the word and all that. And apologies if you ever left a generous (or even catty) comment on any of those posts, as obviously I can't transfer the comments from one blog to another. Soz.

I've shifted the lot off this blog as I think the show needs its own place and because the twice-weekly preview/review guff on here was making me lazy as regards writing other stuff. Hopefully I can now start blogging properly again, if only for my sake. I miss it, and recently I've not been able to do anything about it as my creativity has been pretty close to nil and my confidence a bit varied.

I'm always wary when doing the navel-gazing post on here about lack of blogging. It's just a blog. A small one. It means nothing to anyone and won't change the world. But, well, that's how I've been looking at things recently.


John Medd said...

Are you still writing about football Matthew?

Matthew Rudd said...

A bit for Amber Nectar and WSC, John. I've mostly kept football stuff off here for fear of alienating a sport-phobic readership, but I've changed my mind. It's my blog, after all!!

John Medd said...