30 December 2007

For services to Billy Connolly

"I hate it when people who have a good time get honoured."

A quotation from Michael Parkinson when he appeared on Room 101 fewer than ten years ago. He made the comment on, superficially at least, an admirable level during a general rant about the British class system, all within an attempt to banish the MCC to the chamber guarded by Paul Merton.

At the time, Parkinson had never been offered an honour. Since then, he has smugly and obsequiously accepted a CBE and, now, a knighthood.

I've always hated Michael Parkinson for his sycophancy, his humourlessness, his jealousy of other talk show formats, his unerring self-obsession and the mind-numbing tedium of his programmes (one of numerous nadirs came when he asked Tamzin Outhwaite: "Have you always been beautiful?"). Now I can add hypocrisy to that list.

Sir Michael Parkinson? It makes my teeth itch.


Louis Barfe said...

My heart sank when I heard this news. What makes Parky worth a knighthood, but Bruce Forsyth only worth a CBE?

Clair said...

If I were famous, the bloody hard cash would be the only reward I'd seek. Rather than be a hypocrite, Parkinson could always have turned the honour down.