18 December 2007

Look or listen?

Sky Sports News is sponsored by Ford, whose credits either side of adbreaks feature random people in varying social, recreational or vocational locations. There's a bloke on scaffolding in a hard hat; a bunch of minicab drivers outside their office; a woman on the touchline of a boys' match; and a bloke in a Ford Mondeo (in orange, a colour not available to me when I bought mine).

They all are doing the same thing - celebrating a goal as it's scored. Problem is, aside from the lady at the kids' game (who sees a goal before her very eyes), they are obviously doing so after merely hearing the goal being scored. The construction worker has a ghetto blaster next to him; the cabbies are inside and outside their office, but all leaping imbecilically; and clearly the bloke in the car has a radio on.

How does this benefit a television station, then? Sponsor credits which show people not using a TV to get their goal fix, but the very medium which, in the case of Sky, provides the only rivalry to their attempt to monopolise full match coverage. I don't get it.

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