11 December 2007

"Monkey government!"

I watched Russell Brand on my television obsession, Have I Got News For You, on Friday night.

It was the first time I've ever liked him.


Louis Barfe said...

I've yet to watch his appearance on HIGNFY, but I have it recorded. For all the time I've been aware of him, he's boiled my piss something rotten, but following suggestions from people I trust, I watched Ponderland, and suddenly I'm starting to really enjoy his stuff.

Clair said...

So....would you?

Stuart Ian Burns said...

I've warmed to him to -- although there is that slightly annoying habit he has of saying something and then sitting back and grinning, oh so very pleased with himself.

He was on The Culture Show at the weekend flogging his Booky Book to the students and the compare for his 'lecture' and him had the following exchange:

Student: My mother thinks your the second most intelligent person on television.
Brand: Is the first Stephen Fry?
Student (laughs): Yes.
Brand: I don't mind being second to him. Unless it was in a nose length contest.