4 December 2007

"What, no Davina?"

In no particular order, media-type people who are brilliant and don't get the level of acknowledgement they deserve:-

1 - Claudia Winkleman

2 - John Sessions

3 - Kirsty Young

4 - Alex Lester

5 - James May

6 - Adrian Chiles

7 - Peter Allen

8 - Matt Smith (pictured)

9 - Richard Bilton

10 - Nick Knowles


Clair said...

Wasn't the totally fab Peter Allen deemed not posh enough for Today? Bastards - the man's a brilliant and witty journalist. I also like Claud and Mr Knowles, who I've always found lovely.

Matthew Rudd said...

Nick Knowles is just the business on DIY SOS, and never did I think I'd find myself a) watching; and b) feeling the need to comment on it, positively or otherwise.

The title of the entry - "What, no Davina?" - isn't meant as a dig at the fragrant Ms McCall, incidentally. My view on her has always been the same - she's beyond exceptional on Big Brother, and beyond abysmal on anything else, except those hair ads...

Steve said...

We're big James May fans in our house. There's something both knowledgeable and ignorant about him - but all in a warm, funny kind of way. Nice bloke.