18 January 2008

"Goals pay the rent, and Keegan does his share!"

Kevin Keegan's return to the pantomime of Newcastle United will, in the minds of those not garbed in black and white, be a disaster. I've no sympathy for Newcastle United or their deluded, ludicrous supporters, but I have plenty for Keegan.

My view is that he is setting himself up for yet another noble fall, just like the one he took last time round at St James, like the one he took with England as the Wembley bulldozers hovered, like the one he took with Manchester City as he bought dud after dud to try (and fail) to haul them from severe mediocrity.

Along comes Mike Ashley with an offer to become manager (but only after Harry Redknapp said no) again and Keegan, typically for a man known to let his heart rule his head, accepted.

His barking mad managerial career now has yet another delicious, tabloid-friendly twist and it won't be dull. But I wish he'd never become a manager, even though on the motivational side he's always been rather good at it.

Put simply - Keegan was a fantastic player and now barely a soul cares about it. Captain of England, 50-odd caps, twice European Footballer of the Year, winner of almost every domestic honour with Liverpool, the first high-profile Englishman to make a foreign pilgrimage in order to better himself, icon of Newcastle's promotion in the mid-80s. He was quick, brave, forever seeking to improve, loyal, honest, dignified, intelligent and tri-lingual. And now, thanks to his mad career in management, hardly anyone knows or remembers that.


Bright Ambassador said...

...and of course, while European Player of the Year saw his side get stuffed in the 1980 European Cup final by a bunch of so-called misfits and past-its.

Anyway, joking apart, this really is a backward move by Newcastle. Ashley has just given in to fan pressure by appointing him. Unfortunately, their fans mind set is 'as long as we play attacking football we don't mind letting six in.' And since when did a Geordie come from South Yorkshire? I had to chuckle the other night when someone said on the radio that if he'd turned it down then Ant and Dec were the next choice.
I still think Allardyce should have been given more time.
And if Shearer goes there, then I think he'll be making a massive mistake. Why give up a comfy media career which allows you to spend your time enjoying your family and your millions by stepping into that cauldron? If he eventually gets the 'big job' and stuffs it up all that good will goes up in smoke. Which is why part of me never wants to see Stuart Pearce and/or Nigel Clough manage Forest.

All this is before I've even got started on Keegan being the biggest quitter in football...

Valentine Suicide said...

He seems to be lulling Alan Shearer into a 'think with your heart, not your head' mentality, which could fininsh his manager's career before it even starts.

I wonder if KK will beat Allardyce's
eight months?

Matthew Rudd said...

BA, the 1980 European Cup final was on ESPN Classic last night and I happened to watch it. Hamburg were hardly "stuffed", as you well know! I don't know, these graceless winners...cuh.

Hurry up and get promoted, a lot of my Tigers-supporting mates need the City Ground for their list of 'ticks'. I don't think we've played there since 1977.

Newcastle's goalless draw on Saturday evening was probably the result least expected for the so-called Messiah's return, and Allardyce would have been crucified for it.

Some Geordie dolt on MOTD2 said his club were everybody's favourite second team. I believe that in fact Newcastle are nobody's favourite second team.

I hate everybody in football at the moment, thanks to my wasted journey to Colchester on Saturday. It'll pass, although I'll still hate Colchester by the time they come to the KC in four weeks.

Bright Ambassador said...

We'll never get out of that league when you win one, lose one like we are at the moment. If Calderwood doesn't do the business this season then I'm afraid he'll be looking for alternative employment come May.

Still, that John Robertson goal, eh? Cor!