2 January 2008

"Happy new... erm, happy birthday, honey!"

The Natural Blonde's birthday is January 1st.

This really is most inconvenient when it comes to the husband getting his greetings in the right order just after midnight, especially as he has to deliver them by phone from a nightclub stage having just done a loud countdown on the microphone to a club full of extremely boisterous partygoers.

Fortunately, I've had a few years now to get it right. The consequences of putting a mere calendar change ahead of a birthday are too gruesome for me to contemplate.

Happy New Year, anyway. Unless you were born (or married, or divorced, or passed your driving test...) on January 1st, in which case the salutation may need to be ordered differently... - I just need to hedge my bets, see.

1 comment:

Steve said...

A very Happy New Year to you too!