2 January 2008

Off colour

In a Q&A he did for his club's matchday programme yesterday, Stoke City's deeply unlikeable manager Tony Pulis was asked the following question:

Which players take longest in the shower?

His answer:

All of the black lads...

Am I right in feeling a mite uncomfortable at this, or am I looking for a prejudice which doesn't exist? I genuinely don't know.


Bright Ambassador said...

By making the distinction 'black lads' makes him racist. Why not just give their names?

Mark X said...

It might not be so bad (not saying that it isn't *very* bad, of course, because it is), only they've messed up the feed line for the joke. It should of course be a vaguely fnar-worthy "Who's the longest in the shower?" At which point the answer should generally be a stony-faced reply along the lines of "Well, Smithy and Jonesy always take a long time to get ready".

Have years of being increasingly disappointed by Soccer AM taught these people nothing?

Matthew Rudd said...

It never occurred to me that while the question may have been about duration, Pulis chose to make a desperate attempt to joke in his answer by referring to phallic issues. In which case, he is being stereotypical about black players in the way Fergie made a reference to Dion Dublin years ago.

All good healthy reading for a matchday programme, obviously.

Bright Ambassador said...

Aah, I see, so it was supposed to be a 'joke' about the size of their cocks? How stupid do I feel now?

If I saw that question in a Forest programme I'd never buy another. The question I'd like to see asked is 'Well, Mr Calderwood, can you explain how come your team threw away a 6 point lead last season and even failed to make the play-off final?'