15 January 2008

Rambo Billy!*

Sorry to be a mite gratuitous, but this is me and Billy Whitehurst, cult hero of Hull City and one of football's most notorious and tough professionals.

He guested on SportsCall last night, and a podcast of the interview will soon be available.

And he was a gent too. Full of great stories and feted by the other City fans who work here - they came in especially to meet the great man and he happily posed for pictures with each of them.

Even if you're not a footballist, type the name of Billy Whitehurst into Google when you have a moment today and read some of the stories associated with his name. Can't always guarantee absolute accuracy, but can always guarantee entertainment...

That's 22 stars of the Tigers' past players I've now interviewed since August. I'm like a kid let loose in a sweet shop.

*Graffiti in large black lettering daubed on the North Stand of Boothferry Park (along with Welcome Back Big Billy) when Whitehurst re-signed for Hull City in 1988. He reckoned the chairman was behind it!

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