11 January 2008

"Shall I stay here at the zoo?"

After years of radio-by-numbers which discourages and indeed punishes creativity, working at a non-corporate station is a breath of fresh air. Reasons why here, if you'd care to look back. But I'm typing this excitedly during the 5am news because, in the last 60 minutes, I've played the following one hit wonders of the 1980s:

1 - Big In Japan, Alphaville
2 - Twilight Cafe, Susan Fassbender
3 - Let's Go All The Way, Sly Fox

There are radio stations I've worked at which would have had emergency programming meetings if a jock had dared, even in an allocated 80s slot, to play any of these records. Whereas our attitude is "ah, that's good, let's play that!"


Also in the 4am hour, I played records by Girls Aloud, Joss Stone, the Kinks, Jimmy Ruffin, Stereophonics, Chaka Khan, New Order, Leif Garrett and Kelly Rowland.

You'd listen to us, wouldn't you?


Clair said...

Of course! Your playlist sounds like the sort of singles I buy at the 10p basement in the Record and Tape Exchange.

Jon Peake said...

Any show that plays Twilight Cafe gets my vote.

How refreshing for an Eighties song not to be Easy Lover.

Mondo said...

I'm almost tempted - If I could tear myself away from Traffic Radio. Yes rolling traffic news, and in DAB quality too. T'riffic.

Bright Ambassador said...

Sly Fox is one of my best friend's all time favourite songs. Ever.
Indeed, when we flew to America together he listened to a tape loop of a Nicky Campbell show over and over again just to hear it. He'd tell me when it was on and I'd switch my channel accordingly so I could listen to it.