21 February 2008

Jay Jay Okocha

This is a photo of me with the chairman of Hull City, Paul Duffen; and the biggest superstar ever to play for the club, Jay Jay Okocha.

The chairman hosts SportsCall with me every Thursday evening and brings in a member of the first team squad each week as our guest.

Jay Jay's turn came, and the staff hung around to get autographs and photos. A mate of mine who travels to away games with me, Sleepy Chris, drove to the studios with his replica shirt to get Jay Jay's signature. Chris is mid-20s, educated and intelligent, but like my mate Joe's devotion to Justin Whittle, found himself thinking and acting like a starstruck ten year old again.

The programme flew by and Jay Jay was a gent. It was among the most exciting moments of my career so far.

You can hear the full discussion on the podcast, which is free to download.

For those of you non-footballists who are unconvinced, watch this...

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