10 February 2008

Just tell us a joke!

I'm sure they're all very nice (apart from Gervais), but these are ten people I have never found funny:-

1 - Ricky Gervais

2 - Gina Yashere

3 - Russ Abbot

4 - Dave Spikey

5 - Josie Lawrence (pictured)

6 - Frankie Howerd

7 - Alistair McGowan

8 - Kevin Day

9 - Tim Lovejoy

10 - Mark Steel

To me, Alistair McGowan has always been about great impressions without a great script. I always found Frankie Howerd interesting but he never made me laugh. And Kevin Day did once direct me to the lavatory at LWT, so he's not all bad...


Steve said...

At least Josie Lawrence is a pleasure to look at!

Agree with you about everyone except 1,4 and 6. How can you not find Frankie Howerd funny?!

Matthew Rudd said...

I just never thought there was much substance to his act beyond the goofing, mock-outrage and titter-ye-not stuff. He was great fun when he talked about his life though - his late career stuff with Nicky Campbell was ace.

beth said...

I don't think I know 2,8 or 9 but Mark Steel!!?

Or am I confusing 'makes me feel better' with 'makes me laugh'?

Mondo said...

John Bird and John Fortune - those mock political interviews are deathly dull. Laurel and Hardy always irritate me and are over rated, where as Harold Lloyd is an under rated genius.

Jon Peake said...

I actually don't find anyone particularly funny.

You can add:

Vic Reeves
Lenny Henry
Alan Carr

Matthew Rudd said...

I've never been a Vic Reeves fan, but I've seen a new side to him on QI lately, and I did like Shooting Stars, even if much of that was down to Bob.

Lenny Henry has his moments for me.

Who is Alan Carr then?

Clair said...

Alan Carr's (Friday Night Project) new DVD is so hilarious, I wet myself laughing at it over the festive season, at the bit about trifle to Africa. Recommendation enough?

Matthew Rudd said...

Ooooh, do I go for Clair's endorsement or F-C's warning?

Tough one, tough one...

Bright Ambassador said...

Mark Steel is to comedy what thrombosis is to legs.

Suzy Norman said...

It might be quicker to list people who are funny on tv and in stand-up. Sometimes seeing someone in stand-up is different from their blander tv stuff. Dylan Moran's first monster tour is the funniest thing in the world, the gold standard and I love Black Books. A rarity.
Dave Spikey is pretty funny on tour.

Suzy Norman said...

Sometimes comedians on tv are much funnier live. Dave Spikey is good on tour. A very short list would be stand-up comics that are really funny live and on TV.

Jerry Seinfeild
Dylan Moran

Er, that's all I can come up with.