1 February 2008

Mad as a bicycle

I'm driving home on a major bypass, 6.15am, and I see a bloke cycling on the opposite carriageway. It's pitch dark, and he has no lights, no flourescent clothing and no helmet. The road has no cycle path, no lighting, a 60mph speed limit and a number of vehicles intent on reaching that very limit.

Oh, and we have very high winds, beyond 80mph.

The bloke must be genuinely suicidal. There can be no other rational explanation. And yet if someone driving perfectly legally were to knock him over, you can guess which person wouldn't get the blame.

This cyclist can kill himself if he so wishes, but he has no right to put car drivers at such an awful risk - not of death or injury, but of lifelong guilt over something not their fault.

I despair.

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Clair said...

AAGHHH!!!My number one motoring nightmare, just ahead of motorway middle-lane hoggers! I absolutely agree with what you're saying; if a cyclist is so stupid as to go out with no lights or safety gear, good luck to them, but it's the motorist who can't see them and knocks them over who's going to b the villain of the piece. Even in London, where I'd say 30% of cyclists ride at night with no lights, I've never seen one pulled over by a rozzer.