17 February 2008

"Stitched up tight, can't shake free!"

My iPod is sitting next to me, charging nicely up. So I thought now would be as reasonable a time as any to try another round of .... iPod Roulette!

So, on with the shuffle songs mode, and the first five out are...

1: Going Nowhere - Gabrielle
I've never bought a Gabrielle album but I've always found her songs listenable and lacking in blandness. Not the biggest compliment in the world perhaps, but not an insult either... and this song does at least tell you where the famous chorus for Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know really came from. I've got Gabrielle's Should I Stay on the iPod too.

2: Love Is The Drug - Roxy Music
Oooh, aye. Great intro, fantastic motor car sound effects, shameless hedonism and a seediness which is well within the borders of acceptability. It's life as a man in need. It's awesome.

3: Left To My Own Devices - Pet Shop Boys
"Learn to ignore what the photographer saw!" Not a song designed to show off Tennant's pristine rhyming couplets, but the combination of concert strings and beefed up synths, plus his half-arsed delivery, still makes this song work on so many levels. The words to the chorus are so simple and yet so effective. Five minutes of thoroughly gratifying listening. It dies on an 80s dancefloor, mind.

4: The Most Beautiful Girl - Charlie Rich
All I know about Charlie Rich was that he had, er, a rich head of grey hair and a fantastically pleading voice. This was on my dad's country compilation albums and I grew up with it. Marvellous.

5: Lovesong - The Cure

This is the six minute version from Mixed Up. What I do adore about this record, in its regular or longer form, is the way a new track is introduced in each bar, a bit like when you hear either version of Close To Me. Again, a simple but heartfelt lyric and that element of mild constipatory pain Robert Smith put into his singing lifts the song above the gloom.

I'll put the iPod back on charge now. Over to you...


Clair said...

That I can live with. I love this game:

Dancing In The Moonlight - Toploader
Kettle's On - The Feeling
I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
Hard To Beat - Hard-Fi
I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose - Marv Johnson

Jon Peake said...

Ooh Dancing In The Moonlight. Clair! I hate this song with a passion.

Here are mine:

Feb 14/Drive-By Truckers
Leavin' On A Jetplane/Peter, Paul & Mary
Your Swaying Arms/Deacon Blue
Chitlins Con Carne/Kenny Burrell
Woodstock/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

A mixed bag.

Bright Ambassador said...

Can I do this tomorrow? My iPod's downsatirs and I can't be arsed to fetch it.

Bright Ambassador said...

Oh, and another thing, if you've ever had a drunken friend singing The Most Beautiful Girl in your earhole after a night where both of you spectacularly failed to pull, then you'd hate it too.

As I said to him at the time "No, I HAVEN'T seen the most beautiful girl in the world, now piss off and leave me alone!"

Mondo said...

Blimey it's the first time I've got five goodies in a row.

I Just Wanna Celebrate - Rare Earth
How To Be Invisible - Kate Bush
Cities - Talking Heads
I Can't Look At Your Skin - Graham Coxon
Hard Times (Love and Dancing version) - The Human League.

Yes, very pleased with that little bundle

Suzy Norman said...

7 days too long - Chuck Wood
From Clare to hear - Nanci Griffiths
Kiss them for me - Siouxsie and the Banshees
As tears go by - Marianne Faithful
Two weeks last summer - Sandy Denny and the Strawbs

I really must update my tunes. It's amazing how quickly you get bored witless with a thousand tunes.

Mark X said...

A shame to hear Left To My Own Devices doesn't do the business on a dancefloor. Have these people no souls? I was about to suggest that if you ever need to dash home and back (for whatever reason) in the middle of a set, fling on the epic Extended Mix of ...Devices. You'd probably have time for a nice cuppa before the end of the record, too.

But anyway.

There's No Other Way - Blur
Candylion - Gruff Rhys
La Nuit - Robots In Disguise
Wraith Pinned To The Mist & The Other Games - Of Montreal
Mon Petit Ami - April March