3 February 2008

Plymouth - parte the seconde

So this time I filled the car up in Hull from the Asda garage.

Then I drove 366 miles without stopping.

I got a nice, reasonably-priced takeaway pizza upon arrival at my brother's house.

I slept well, then had a glorious morning playing with my young nephews.

I then drove to the local Morrisons and refilled the car with diesel.

I attended the match at Home Park.

Hull City won 1-0 and went eighth in the Championship. "From Boothferry to Wemb-er-lee, we'll keep the Hull flag flying high..."

I then drove all the way to Stockport for the club night without stopping.

Finally, I drove back to the studios in Hull for the Sunday breakfast show (which I'm doing now as I type this - just played Howard Jones, which is a bonus) and will then head home for a long sleep.

There. All those miles and hours and not one of those monstrosities got a penny from me. I didn't even use their lavatories (don't worry, I held it in...).

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