15 February 2008

Round the blog

Some bits which recap past blog musings are all happening together.

First, we suffered Valentines Day. Despite my views on it, mine went painlessly. The Natural Blonde and I exchanged cards. She liked her flowers and Chinese takeaway; I got the ultimate in practical presents - a new set of computer speakers.


Don't be alarmed or judgmental about the takeaway thing - her favourite meal is a Chinese takeaway on her own crockery while seated on her own couch watching her own telly. I was happy to oblige. Chicken in green peppers and black bean sauce for me, since you were wondering. Scrummy.

Later, I gave my speech. It went down quite well - the anecdotes about Carlton Palmer and dildoes got mild guffaws. They asked good questions and gave me a bottle of Teachers as a thank you. My signature is in the visitor's book, along with luminaries in football such as Peter Taylor (ex Hull City manager) and Jack Taylor (ex World Cup final referee and no relation). I used the Gary Lineker gag, and it got knowing chuckles. So, mild guffaws and knowing chuckles. I think when you are a not naturally funny person trying to be funny, mild guffaws and knowing chuckles are as good as it gets.

It's now early Friday, and despite his wishes for a Saturday service, Charlie Smith will be buried later today. Afterwards, a night out in Hull with Alex Lester, Simon Hirst and Paul Burnett, among others.

Serious showbiz going on here.

Feel free to click every damned link within this post. Go mad, it's the weekend.

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Steve said...

Sounds like a very practical response to Valentine's Day to me. My wife and I exchanged gifts also and I generously threw in a dozen red roses. I'm classy like that.