25 March 2008

Sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth...

Sad as this is, just how many fifth Beatles are we expected to believe there have been?

Stuart Sutcliffe, Brian Epstein, George Martin, Pete Best, Billy Preston, Yoko Ono, even George Best have all had the tag. And, like Neil Aspinall, none of them were in the Beatles, either at all or merely when being a Beatle actually mattered.

The Beatles were four musicians who made up the band from 1962 to 1970. No Beatle was ever a financial controller, a manager, a producer, a guest pianist, a wife or a footballer in a sombrero. The two ex-musicians can stake more of a case to being ex-Beatles, but not Beatles, and certainly not the fifth Beatle; neither were in the band when the Beatles mattered - one was dead and one dismissed for being no good.

I shouldn't get worked up about it. But it's so damned boneidle an expression.

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