15 March 2008

Ten things to do prior to purchasing/adopting a Basset hound

Courtesy of the latest pamphlet from Basset Hound Welfare:-

1 - Go to doctor for check-up on heart, blood pressure and mental state

2 - Enrol at keep-fit class (to enable you to run for miles chasing the dog)

3 - Visit all close neighbours to see if they object to barking and howling

4 - Practise for hours dragging a sandbag on a lead (to enable your arms to get used to dragging a stubborn dog around with you)

5 - Practise shouting in the middle of a field, as Bassets all seem to be deaf

6 - Check fences are secure, at least six feet high, and preferably set in at least two feet of concrete to prevent escapes

7 - Check carpets have no loose corners, and remove the three-piece suite from the lounge until your Basset is at least three years old

8 - Purchase a baby gate for the stairs

9 - Put safety locks on fridge, bins and cupboards

10 - Get in with a good orthopaedic surgeon for when work needs to be done on the arm that will ultimately become a lot longer than the other

I can vouch for all of these...

Also in the pamphlet, BHW say the flow of hounds into their care continues unabated with good homes harder than ever to find. Again, I can strongly recommend having a Basset if you are thinking of acquiring a dog. Welfare have representatives all around the country.

Have a picture of Ruby and Boris contemplating a cooling drink to melt you further. Maybe.


Steve said...

I'd love to get a dog but with 2 young children around it's not an option at the moment... though we're seriously considering a cat... not so high maintenance!

Matthew Rudd said...

Bassets are brilliant with kids. Seriously.

Mondo said...

Isn't Snoopy meant to be a Basset?

Matthew Rudd said...

Snoopy is meant to be a Beagle.